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Please familiarise yourself with the few simple rules & guidelines, so you can enjoy the forum & member benefits to the fullest and not step on any toes! Membership implies you understand and agree to the rules.
1. You agree not to hold the site owner, or any other members liable for information or advice received here. It is your responsibility to verify information you receive, if you choose to use it.
While I can get/give a lot of information from good hoof pictures & info, it is generally beyond the scope of any 'remote' help to make many - if any - hard & fast judgement calls. The information you receive here should not be taken just on faith, or as definite specifics, but more as 'food for thought' to add to your knowledge and consider carefully. Again, please read;  Do Not Believe
No hard & fast judgement calls applies to comments on farriery & other professionals too. I do not believe it is generally fair or reasonable to judge a farrier from a set of pictures & a little info. That is not to say we may have opinions, questions, comments on what has been done, that can be discussed. So when discussing farriery & the likes, I ask that others also remember we only have part of the story & remain respectful and considerate of that. 'Bashing' posts or threads of any kind will not be tolerated.
2. You agree to be courteous and respectful of others here. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
This site and forum is meant to be a user friendly, supportive environment, for people to gain the support & help they can. That includes interaction with others, so I respectfully request that all members remain friendly and courteous to each other at all times. We can always disagree on stuff, but do it in a respectful manner! It's easy, on an international forum especially, to misinterpret people's writing, so please read and reply 'charitably'.
3. Bullying, 'bashing' & harassment, of forum members or those not connected to this site will not be tolerated.
Please leave personal and questioning people's character & morals out of this forum. It is not productive to the aim of the forum, which is to discuss stuff rationally and objectively, aside from being not nice. It is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Bullying, 'bashing' & harassment will also not be tolerated.
If there is an issue on the forum where you feel someone is being particularly rude or such, please report it to me, rather than partaking in bickering on threads.
4. No swearing or 'AO' comments ~ this site is aimed at all ages, types & sensibilities so be respectful in your language too!
5. No advertising or spamming. If you wish to advertise something, please email me with details for my consideration. Blatant spamming will lead to an immediate ban. Other unauthorised advertising will get one warning only.
6. While I will not do so unreasonably, I retain the right to ban/block any member.
Further guidelines
Please check here periodically, though I will endeavor to let you know of rule changes or updates too.
When you first joined up, you should have been directed to the 'account' page, so that you can update any details. If you haven't done so yet, you can choose a profile name and photo that will be displayed to other members, so your email address won't be public. You may use your real name or email if you like, but in the interest of internet privacy, you may use an ambiguous alias instead.
Please choose a username that you will be happy with in the long run, because once made, I request that you don't change it, to avoid confusion of disjointed info being shared.
That's about all folks!
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