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Sep 06, 2019
This week, I am no fan of technology but I am willing to blame everything on Hurricane Dorian affecting satellite communication, lol I have tried to print off your reply and am on try #3 to give to my farrier. I really appreciate your time and response to mark up the pictures:) Maintaining a good heel height with Joker has always been an issue. On the back end, due to his fractured sacrum. On the front end, thanks to the torn tendons. Years ago when my current equine/chiro was still doing horses for a living and was working on mine (before she moved and started working on agility dogs), she told me to make sure the farrier left his heels just "a bit higher" on the back end - she never gave me actual mm's and I wasn't smart enough to ask back then - she just said not to take him down as low as what should be normal for a barefoot horse. But here we are 12 years later and he's been thru other changes, so it looks as if I need to have the heel conversation again. The farrier will be here September 13th, if she hasn't keeled over from heat stroke by then; our weather is running 10-12 degrees (F) above avg with matching humidity. September 13th is the normal five week reset time, so I will discuss with her then. I will say that Joker has walked sound, even across gravel, right from the first day of reset and getting the back shoes on. He has ~2-1/2 inch step-down, plus turn, out of his stall into the barn aisle and negotiates that better than he has in a long time. The custom shaped back shoes have been a miracle for the comfort of his sacrum and the inflammation over the injury is back down to a dull roar. X-rays haven't been done since 2015 but they are out of the question for awhile as we had to pull from our savings for a whole new HVAC unit last Fall. It was a HUGE ouchie and right before DH went in for prostate cancer surgery, which there's a co-pay on that. ATM, we are waiting for the HVAC folks to come out and fix the flex duct under the house that let go. It is 16 years old and on a crawlspace that is currently enjoying the AC blowing in it. I guess it's time for it to wear out and I'm glad it happened in the summer instead of winter. At any rate, no x-rays to tell me the real skinny on Joker's hooves for awhile:( On another note, I hope this forum gets busy - I can't be the only person with hoof or diet stories:)