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Jul 18, 2020
In Trimming Evaluations
The left fore hoof The right fore hoof The left hind hoof The right hind hoof Standing: A few of the pictures are having trouble loading. I know the bars on the hind feet are too long and are starting to splay out. They get between being just right and too long and it gets really hard for me to get the knife under them at that stage. Any advice here? I did trim the bars on the right fore hoof, but I guess that didn't make it into the pictures. Any changes I can make to the trimming? One change I'd like to see is for the right fore hoof to come back under him a bit more. It's run forward and seems uncomfortable sometimes. It's been like this for a while, but is there any change I can try to get it under him more? Additionally he's had his heel pop off on the right hind year after year when winter comes around. Is there anything I can do to in my trimming to try and stop this from happening?
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