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Links & Further Reading

Below are a few of the good resources available out there. Sorted by;

Hoofcare and Rehab InfoDiet and nutrition

Hoof Boots, Shoes & ProtectionHoof Care Practitioners, 

Vets & Other Professionals, and Other Horsey Sites I recommend

I certainly welcome other's recommendations for sites or resources

you'd like added to the list. If there are sites, resources or Professionals you recommend, please email me with their info so I can check them out & add if appropriate.

General Hoofcare and Rehab Info

Mayfield Barehoof Care & Rehabilitation Centre

Andrew Bowe's site - "The Barefoot Blacksmith", Master Farrier, Equine Podiotherapist and teacher. A wealth of information and online 'shop' for good quality tools and learning materials. Be sure to check out his workshops page if you're in Australia and interested in learning to trim your own horses!

Pete Ramey

American farrier who has become one of the leading voices on the scene. An extremely comprehensive site. While first hand instruction is by far the best in my opinion, I recommend his DVD set "Under The Horse" for owner/trimmers, particularly if you're out back of beyond & can't get that hands on help.


Equine Lameness Prevention Organisation

Invaluable information on hoof balance as it relates to the bony column. Based on and further to Gene Ovnicek's studies. Also Natural Balance shoes

Ironfree Hoof

Another website about barefoot hoofcare, by Paige Ross and Ruth Green. Lots of great photos of hooves and trimming. A good resource for trimming steps.

Books & DVDs

The Pony That Did Not Die by Andrew & Nicky Bowe. Comprehensive textbook on Laminitis and it's treatment.


The Essential Hoof: The Complete Modern Guide to Horse Feet - Anatomy, Care and Health, Disease Diagnosis and Treatment book by Susan Kauffman & Christina Cline


Making Natural Hoof Care Work For You by Pete Ramey


Under The Horse DVD set by Pete Ramey


Horse Owner's Guide To Natural Hoofcare by Jaime Jackson 


The Natural Horse by Jaime Jackson. Pioneering study of the lifestyle and hoof shape of free-roaming wild horses.


The Lame Horse by James R. Rooney, DVM. An oldie but a goodie. One of America's foremost lameness experts discusses causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of lameness in the horse.


Diet, Nutrition, Feeding

Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance site

MUST READ! Very comprehensive site on EC, IR & laminitis.

Feed XL

A fantastic resource for sorting out the often confusing subject of balancing diets and understanding nutrition. It incorporates a program which allows you to input particulars of horses and their diet/pasture, and to find appropriate products and amounts to ensure you give your horse exactly what he needs. Onsite nutritionists to ask specific questions of, newsletters and files full of important information are some of the other great bits about this service!


A good resource for learning about diet as it relates to feet

Gravelproof Hoof

Nutrition and mineral supplementing, particularly with Magnesium for stronger hooves. Also other dietary and body factors discussed.


Hoof Boots & Protection

Easy Care & Easycare Downunder

Easycare have a huge range of boot styles and shoes for different situations and horses, which are easily available across most of the Globe. You will also find information on other aspects of hoof care, research, news and stories on these sites.


Great riding boots, be it for pleasure or even the serious endurance rider

You will find more info on other hoof boots and shoes her


Vets & Other Professionals


Dr Robert Bowker

Dr Thomas Teskey

Dr Kerry Ridgeway

Dr Bruce Nock

Dr Sally Rekers

Dr Ian Bidstrup Chiropractic Vet

Sharon May-Davis 'The Bone Lady

Carol Layton Nutritionist


Hoof Care Practitioners





Other Horsey Sites I Recommend

Liberated Horsemanship

Gen hoofcare info
Diet nutri
Boots & protection
Vets & Pros
Hoofcare Practitioners
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