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I'm Anya Lavender, Hoof Care Practitioner for 20 years and Qualified Equine Podiotherapist

What can YOU do for your horse?


The number one FACT that benefits every horse and every owner is to become educated yourself on matters of health and soundness and factors which effect this state.

But most of you have been there with me. Too little info, too much conflicting info, 'experts' who don't seem to know all they should... or sound like they know a lot more than they DO...

Do Not Believe...

So, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

This site is aimed at providing objective, rational analysis for the practices, opinions and theories I adhere to.


It will give you some objective reasons for my disagreeing with, or not being certain about other theories.

I can also provide one-on-one virtual help for those of you who find yourselves with no option of hands-on instruction, or those who want another opinion.

Many of us have lost many dollars and lots of sleep in having to deal with a lame horse. Those that haven't, dread the day, knowing that it will come! So what preventative steps can we take to minimise likelihood and severity of lameness? And what can we do when we find ourselves confronted with a lame horse?

So tune in and take notes! There's lots here, of up to date information and studies, which will help you keep your horses sound and strong for life!

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Trimming &

How & why to do...

or not to do

Hoof distortion & lameness

Causes & treatment of flares, cracks, seedy toe, to Navicular syndrome & lots more.

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Those other equines
that also need our help

Hoof protection, Tools & Supplies

A run down on poly shoes, hoof boots, treatments, tools and much more!

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